Our company provides a complete range of professional tree care services that are based upon an environmentally conscious approach. We are dedicated to implementing the latest techniques in arboriculture as well as providing innovative solutions to recycling brush and timber.

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Our company is now using revolutionary software to complete Appraisals, Inventories and Risk Assessments. This allows for efficient data collection and clear presentation.
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Kodiak Tree Service offers the latest techniques in Arboriculture conducted by Internationally Certified Arborists.
...improper tree care can take many years to correct itself and in some cases never corrects itself at all. Hiring a professional will INCREASE PROPERTY VALUE and help ensure SAFETY.


Teck Metals and the Regional District have recently hired our service to conduct risk assessments to help evaluate the condition of their trees.
KTS has performed a number of fuel load reduction projects to help protect private property and the surrounding forests we call home.